At Seal Financial Services, our goal is to deliver successful retirement outcomes…one relationship at a time. And that includes for businesses as well as individuals.

Plan sponsors are under increasing scrutiny from the SEC and U. S. Department of Labor, making the always challenging aspects of sponsoring and managing a plan an even greater concern in today’s environment.

You have questions. We have answers.

Fuduciary-Based Advisement

Are you fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA?

Are you paying hidden, excessive, or unreasonably high fees?

Are you receiving objective financial and investment advice?

Do you have the right investment options available to help you succeed?

401(k) Solutions

Simply put, our mission is to help you achieve your unique goals by providing focused and balanced solutions that deliver unbiased consulting and advisory services to achieve positive results.

Although your fiduciary role exposes you to personal financial risk, you may not have the hours, experience, expertise, or resources needed to properly fulfill all of your responsibilities under ERISA. As an independent, fiduciary-based advisor, we provide fiduciary-based services and soluations you need to succeed and reduce your company and personal exposure.

Our years of experience in this area have led us to focus on three things:

Simplifying Fudiciary Duties

Simplicity: We help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA – simply and successfully.

Plan Focus

Focus: We focus on helping you provide the finest, most cost-efficient and profitable plan possible for both your firm and your employees.

Investment Balance

Balance: We help you balance your investment options with appropriate levels of risk and reward to help you achieve the most positive retirement outcomes.

Our comprehensive range of fiduciary-based services includes:

What we offer you:

What We Do How We Do it
The Retirement Plan Evaluator™
Evaluate the components of your current plan
  • Review plan design and administration
  • Review investment management
  • Review plan communication and service
The Retirement Plan Optimizer™
Provide independent guidance
  • Review plan objectives and strategies
  • Provide analysis and recommendations

The Fiduciary Shield™
Ensure compliance
  • Assess current status and procedures
  • Review investment policy statement
  • Provide ERISA 404(a) and 404(c) guidance
The RFP Manager™
Manage plan providers
  • Review and benchmark RFP partners
  • Manage provider pricing re-negotiation
  • Review provider contract(s)
The Edu-tainment Experience™
Provide employee education
  • Manage communications and disclosures
  • Structure group seminars and meetings
  • Provide guidance to individual participants
The Wealthcare Monitor™
Manage and grow investments and wealth
  • Perform investment product due diligence
  • Review fund manager/investment strategies
  • Provide plan monitoring and reporting

To learn more about our retirement solutions for businesses, please download our company booklet:

Sound Solutions for Your Retirement Plan Success

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