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Whatever changes and challenges you may be facing, you can count on us. We understand that investment management and planning is not “one dimensional”.


Our firm’s mission is to be your trusted advisor for family wealth management. Our firm was founded on trust, and the real test of our professionalism is the commitment we have to you and your family. We value the trust you place in your family legacy. With our team of Certified Financial Planners, we are dedicated to your success and since our founding in 1985 have committed ourselves to assisting people like you in developing sensible investment strategies and personalized financial plans for today and into the future.

We accomplish this through what we call Living Legacy Planning. We start by listening carefully to you and your needs then we help you explore your options. The result is an investment policy statement, which is our written commitment to you that we will help you plan and manage your investments strictly according to your needs and objectives.

You may be facing lifestyle changes and challenges which require multi-generational planning. Some of these changes and challenges may include:


Whatever changes and challenges you may be facing, you can count on us to help you not just survive – but also succeed. At Seal Financial Services, we understand that investment management and estate planning is not “one dimensional”. The impact that life-altering events may have on you and our family can be overwhelming from both a personal and financial perspective.

Our approach and programs have been painstakingly prepared to provide a unique, creative, all-encompassing approach to your needs. We are particularly knowledgeable in elder care issues and are strong advocates of consumer protection. Our services range from estate preservation techniques to financial planning and advice to investment strategies and portfolio management.

Our team of highly experience professionals helps our clients address the many financial challenges they may face including:


Living Legacy Planning Comprehensive Process

Our Living Legacy Planning is a comprehensive process that begins by helping you explore your options and culminates with the development of a plan that helps you achieve your goals, with careful monitoring and management along the way.

Our services are offered on a fee basis, determined by the size of the portfolio(s) being managed, which ensures our incentives remain aligned with generating the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our #1 focus is helping you position and preserve what is most important to you and your loved ones – today and well into the future.


Successfully managing money is not accidental. It results from remaining diligent and following these guidelines:

If you’d like to read more about developing your own wealth management strategies for a secure financial future, be sure to contact our office to order one or both of the following publications co-authored by Gregory P. Seal, founder of Seal Financial Services.

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