Providing Retirement
Planning Solutions

A secure retirement requires much more than just financial success. It requires financial, physical, and emotional health that can only come from proper planning followed by solid execution.

At Seal Financial Services, we have been helping clients secure successful retirements for more than 30 years by taking a multi-faceted approach designed to give retirees what is most important – peace of mind.

In the next 15 years, more than 75 million people will reach retirement age. Only a few decades ago, those retirements typically lasted less than 10 years. Today you expect to live 30 years or more while retired and many people will not be ready for the physical, mental, and financial challenges they face.

Consider that thirty years ago, the average age of retirement was 65. Today it’s as young as 57.5:

New Retirement Timeline

Once you retire, you are also significantly more likely to live longer. A male, age 65, has about a one-in-five chance of being alive at age 95:

AGE 75 85 95
Odds of Living 10 more years 20 more years 30 more years
Male (age 65) 84.6% 56.1% 21.9%
Female (age 65) 90.7% 69.1% 31.7%
Couple (age 65) 98.5% 86.4% 46.7%

Our years of experience in this industry and with clients from all walks of life has led us to develop solutions that span investments to insurance to estate planning:

Retirement Investment Solutions

The foundation of a successful retirement is a sound financial foundation. Our mission at Seal Financial Services is to help clients plan for their financial futures, develop a plan for achieving their goals, and implementing a plan to help ensure that they do.

From IRAs to rollover 401(k), 403(b) and other retirement plans, we help clients understand how much they need, how much they are likely to have, and how to bridge any gaps that may exist.

Insurance and Asset Protection Solutions

As we live longer, we face additional uncertainties related to disability, long-term care, and what will happen to our assets after we pass.

At Seal Financial Services, we help our clients navigate the challenging and often confusing world of insurance and help them get the best possible Long-Term Care, Disability, Annuity, and Life Insurance solutions implemented for their retirements and peace of mind.

By working with clients to proactively address these issues and concerns, our goal is to help our clients to enjoy a less stressful retirement knowing that their financial and health concerns have been taken care of.

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