A few months ago, your life changed forever. Due to a tragic turn of events, you became injured. Not only have you and your family suffered greatly, your life has been in turmoil ever since. And, you’re facing a future filled with more of the same.

Financial strategies after personal injury

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At Seal Financial Services, we have a passion for helping people who have survived traumatic injuries and who may be undergoing lifestyle changes. That’s why we developed a whole new suite of innovated structured strategy solutions to help you not only survive – but succeed before, during, and long after your settlement process.

From our unique four-stage involvement process to our comprehensive, easy-to-read educational booklet, Apples and Oranges, you can count on us to help you in every way possible.

Settlement Solutions

Aside from obtaining the best possible medical care, what can you do about personal injury? The answer is simple – fight back.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. State laws give personal injury victims a limited amount of time to seek justice by filing a personal injury lawsuit with the hopes of obtaining compensation for expenses such as medical bills, future medical expenses, vocational rehabilitation, and payment for emotional suffering due to personal injury.

So, if you have not already consulted an attorney, find a lawyer who you can talk to about your case. Then weigh your options.

Whether or not you decide to purse your case, we can help you understand your options and prepare and plan for what lies ahead. If you decide to sue, you may come away with a favorable jury verdict or a generous settlement to help pay for your personal injury.

OR YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE A SETTLEMENT AT ALL. That’s why it is so important to understand your options and to plan for a variety of outcomes.

If you are the victim of a personal injury and are suing for damages, you can rely on us to help you survive the settlement process – as well as achieve the most advantageous settlement possible.

We will work with your attorney before, during, and long after your case to help you properly prepare the necessary financial paperwork, apply for benefits, and evaluate offers provided by the defense.

Personal Injury Settlement Solutions

Whether or not you decide to purse your case, we can help you understand your options and prepare and plan for what lies ahead.

Pre-Settlement Solutions

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Our comprehensive range of fiduciary-based services includes:

Settlement and Post-Settlement Solutions

Personal injury financial guidance

We continue to assist you, your family, and your legal team:

We encourage you to download and review our “Apples and Oranges” booklet that walks you through everything you need to keep in mind as you begin or continue your journey through a personal injury.

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